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About me

Passionate about art, design, and the workings of the brain, my name is Hugo Condori. I am Peruvian and have been on this Earth for almost four decades. 

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed drawing and creating comics, allowing me to share the stories that constantly emerged in my mind.

I am curious about technologies and learning. Now I’m using my creativity to solve UX problems. It has become one of my greatest passions, as it has the potential to enhance various aspects of people’s lives, making them better and less complicated.

Ugo CD UX/UI designer


From Childhood Sketches to Web Design: A Journey of Passion and Growth

Ever since I was a child, my love for drawing knew no bounds.

My notebooks were filled with comics and sketches, as I immersed myself in a world of storytelling through my characters. It all began when I stumbled upon the word “Design” through the works of Akira Toriyama, the brilliant mind behind Dragon Ball. At the tender age of 12, I made a firm decision – I was going to become a designer.

The Early Years

During that time, I believed that design was the perfect fusion of art and technology. It was in the early 2000s when I acquired my first computer, and I became captivated by it. Although we didn’t have internet access, I spent countless hours exploring and experimenting with this magical machine.

My relentless curiosity often led to computer malfunctions, much to the dismay of my father.

The Internet Unveiled

The advent of internet connectivity marked a turning point in my life. It was during this time that I delved into web design. I created web pages on “GEOCITIES,” utilizing tools like “Front Page” to grasp the intricacies of HTML. At the age of 15, I launched my very first website, “El Ennuyer.” It was a Guestbook template from Miarroba.com, and it thrived for a whole decade. My friends and I would fill it with countless comments until the era of Social Media rendered it obsolete.

Formative Years in Graphic Design: Unveiling the Rich Canvas of My Formal Education

Subsequently, I embarked on a five-year journey in Graphic Design at PUCP (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú). The first two years immersed me in pure art techniques, covering sculpture, painting, airbrushing, engraving, photography, and illustration. Then, the following three years honed my Graphic Design skills. Initially, our work was entirely manual, but we eventually transitioned our expertise to the digital realm.

Professional Beginnings

Following my studies, I embarked on a rewarding career at the same university, serving as an e-learning designer for nearly five years (4 years and 8 months).

I led a small team, creating interfaces using Flash for the training of bank employees. I am deeply appreciative of my boss for the trust bestowed upon me, which allowed me the creative freedom to shape the team’s direction.

Venturing to France

My journey took a global turn when I received the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in “Langues et commerce électronique” at UFR (Université de Franche-Comté) in France. In a span of just six months, I mastered the French language, bid farewell to my job, and invested my savings into this transformative project. During my time in France, I undertook two internships in Paris. The first involved UI design for a restaurant app, and the second centered around creating visuals for eyeglass frames – both presented unique challenges, especially due to my initial lack of fluency in the French language.

Professional Evolution

Upon my return, I joined the team at ReportLinker, an AI-powered market intelligence platform, as a web designer in 2017. In this role, 70% of my efforts were devoted to creating wireframes, UI elements, prototypes, and enhancing the user-centered design to improve the user experience. The remaining 30% of my time was dedicated to various marketing tasks. By addressing these issues, your article should now be more engaging and easier to read.

Say hello

Say hello

I’m always happy to chat about any design project and how I can help. Drop me a line and I’ll be in touch shortly.

Ready to collaborate?

Drop me a line and let’s talk about how I can bring your vision to life.